Introduction: Captain America Beanie

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I wanted to make a captain america costume and on a trip to the dollar store I found a royal blue beanie. I thought to myself "Wow this is perfect for my captain america helmet/hat!" And although I never finished the costume I did make his shield and today I'm going to share to you how to design a captain america beanie! Have fun!

Step 1: Materials, Assemble!

To get started with this instructable you'll need to get:

•one blue beanie(it depends which C.A. Hat you want)
•white spray paint
•masking tape
•exacto knife
•reference pictures
•paint brush
•white fabric paint
•scratch paper
•a helper

Step 2: Lets Be Honest Here

Ok so when I first made my beanie I used duct tape but I came across two problems:

1st- I couldn't wash it without taking off the details
2nd- the duct tape kept peeling off and it wouldn't stick back on

Step 3: Getting to Know Your Cap Better

Using your reference pictures, take the scratch paper and with your pencil and start outlining what the wing thingy and A looks like.

Step 4: Making the Stencil

Take the tape and layer it on to the design. Get the exacto knife and start cutting it out. You might be wondering why? It's because you want to color IN with white and in order to do that you need to take out the insides. If it was the otherwise just switch it around. Repeat for the giant A.

Step 5: Fitting and Painting

Get your model (I had to wake mine up) and make them put on the cap. From there you can position were you want your stencils to be.

After the positioning grab your fabric paint and squeeze some out. Make a thin Laura with your toothbrush. I suggest to make 2-3 coats of this. But why add fabric paint if we are just going to spray paint it? The answer to that is I have had a lot of projects including spray paint and fabric, and one things for sure the spray paint WILL rub off fast. So the fabric paint is to help it stay on.

Step 6: Final Coatings

After all the drying has been done its time for more painting. But this time it's with spray paint! Take your white can in one hand and the beanie on your other, and start spraying. Make sure to get it mostly white. Repeat step for wings. If you want you can even put one more coat of fabric paint to make sure it's all good.

Step 7: Let It Dry

Wait for the spray paint to dry (I even put a DO NOT TOUCH WET PAINT sign) and afterwards peel off the tape stencil. You world have a pretty good Captain america hat if I do say so myself!

Step 8: Let Freedom Ring

Well that took about 1 weekend lets show this hat to the world!!! This can literally match with anything you do. It's just in time for Captain America: Winter Soldier.(isn't it funny they have the winter soldier in the spring?!) Or Avengers: Age Of Altron!!

I hope you guys had fun making this instructable! Many more to come!! Until next time...