Captain America Shield

Introduction: Captain America Shield

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So I went to sled route (MH Sleds) and was very happy with
the outcome. Stripped the straps/bolts from the sled, Bondo used to plug the
holes. Put some holes into an aluminum yard stick, bolted it to the center of
the shield and did circles in a sharpie to make sure they were where they
needed to be. Put my Dremel right through the same holes to make the rings,
light sanding job once the rings were complete. For the back, I Gorilla glued
binding post to the shield and reinforced them with illustrator board and
double sided mounting tape. Found two super cheap belts to cut up for the
straps. Same illustrator board was used for the star in the center.
Primed/paint and all done. Used Dupli-Cast, really liked it, but I wish I was a
tad neater with my tape job, but there’s always next time..

On a side note, I was lucky enough to meet Sabastian Stan
(The Winter Soldier) and have him sign the shield. It now sits in my office
with a few other of my creations.

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