Introduction: Captain America Shield

Materials you will need:

corrugated cardboard

hot glue gun

red, white, blue, and silver duct tape

painters tape

velcro strips

Step 1: Making the Shield

The first step to making this Captain America Shield is making 19 pizza slice shaped pieces out of the corrugated cardboard. Then take the shapes and slightly curve them all into a shield shape before you glue them all together. I took pieces of tape and held the pieces slightly together so I could form the shape of the shield. after shaping it I took strips of painters tape to hold each strip together so then I could glue them together. After I glued all of them together I covered the back where my hand is going to be with painters tape along with the front of the shield. The reason why I used painters tape is that it sticks to cardboard very well unlike duct tape.

Step 2: Duct Taping the Shield

After you are done with taping the whole shield with painters tape you have to use the red, white, blue, and silver duct tape that you have. for the back of the shield where your hand is going to be you want that whole side to be silver. Then the front of the shield you want the order of the stripes to be red, white, red, blue but then the star in the middle to be white. When you are done with the stripes it should look like the picture shown. to make the star I broke down the main five parts of the star and to get the perfect shape I played out strips of duct tape on a plastic cutting board so it is easier to cut each shape out.

Step 3: Making the Handle

To make the handle I took some cardboard and made two handles like pieces and hot glued them to a longer piece of cardboard as shown. when I made these I had to make multiple because I had to make sure one would fit my forearm and my hand so I can hold the shield. To make the shield detachable from my arm I used velcro strips so it's easier to pull the shield on and off. I included a picture to show how it sticks to the shield. The velcro is not the strongest velcro but it works for the purpose that I'm using this for.

Step 4: Video

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