Introduction: Captain America Shield Breadboard LED Creative Switch

Creative Switch project for Art 150


2 LED Lights

1 Red Construction Paper

1 White Construction Paper

1 Blue Construction Paper


Battery Holder


3 AA Batteries


1 Small Sheet of Tissue


Step 1: Step 1: Breadboard Switch LED Setup

Following the breadboard setup of the picture above, two different circuits in the breadboard that create LED lights one is functional with the switch while the other one is functional without the switch. Placing the wires, LED Lights, and ohm resistor on the breadboard carefully and properly should be able to have all functions in the breadboard working. Use the battery wires correctly and make sure they don't intertwine to prevent short circuit from occurring.

Step 2: Step 2: Making Sure LED Lights Function Properly

Now with the breadboard properly set up it is important to check that the LED Lights turn on properly with their respective switch and circuit. To check the LED Light properly works for the switch, you simply have to press the micro switch and if the LED Light turns on then it works properly. For the other LED-Light make sure all wires, Ohm resistor and LED light connect properly with the battery and if they do the other LED light should turn on with no problem.

Step 3: Step 3: Creating the Top Design

For my design I created the Captain America Shield and the steps you do to create it are scissor, construction paper (red, blue, white) using a blue construction paper as the layout. Then, use scissors to cut 4 circles that shrink, a large red circle, a medium white circle, a small red circle, and an even smaller blue circle. After taping all the circles from largest to smallest, the blue circle has to be cut in the the center in the shape of the star to get the Captain America Shield look.

Step 4: Step 4: the Back of the Design

Using the small sheet of tissue paper you place behind the front go the shield shape to create white color of the star of the shield. Using four small pieces of tape to hold each side of the square shaped tissue paper. Having this part completed allows the LED light to reflect through the paper and shine.

Step 5: Step 5: Using the LED Lights to Brighten the Shield =)

Now with The Paper Layer is above the Breadboard, you can press the switch or use the other LED light to create a light effect in the star of the Captain America Shield. Messing Around with different color LED lights or specific color will create a very cool light effect.