Captain America Shield Clock

Introduction: Captain America Shield Clock

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This instructable will show you how to make a clock resembling the iconic shield of Captain America.

The clock is made from 1 piece of 18mm MDF 240mm in diameter turned on the lathe to produce the shield shape and then drilled and fitted with a clock mechanism.

Tools and Parts:

Wood turning lathe and tools
Wood preparation materials and paints
18mm MDF big enough to get a 240mm diameter circle from
Clock Mechanism
Picture hanging loop
Measuring tools

Step 1: Turning the Shield and Painting

  • Mark out the circle on you MDF using a compass
  • Cut the corners off or rough cut the circle from the MDF
  • Drill and mount on a screw chuck (the picture shows the tail stock in place for extra support)
  • True up your circle using a Spindle Roughing Gouge
  • Using a bowl gouge introduce the shield shape on the face of the circle, leaving an approx 30mm flat at the centre
  • Once you are happy with the shape you can then sand and seal (using sanding sealer) the front face
  • Using a template mark out the rings and put in  groves using a skew chisel
  • Once the sealer is dry, lightly sand again and then coat with dark grey automotive spray paint (acrylic)
  • Once the Dark grey is dry lightly overcoat with a lighter metallic silver sprayMDF
  • Using your template mark out the star and then paint in the blue using acrylic paint
  • Once the blue is dry paint the two red rings.
  • Finally coat the front in several layers of sealer and a coat of wax
  • Buff to a nice satin shine
NOTE: MDF turns well but produces lots of fine dust and blunts tools quickly. Please wear good PPE and maximise ventilation

Step 2: Turning Part Two and Fitting the Clock Mechanism

  • Reverse mount your clock onto your screw chuck (pad this to protect the finished face)
  • Using a combination of bowl gouge and box scraper, carefully create a recess in the back for the clock mechanism
  • Go slowly doing this as you do not want to break through to the other side
  • Once the mechanism sits flush remove he shield from the lathe
  • Drill a 16mm hole deep enough to allow the clock fitting nut to be recessed at the front of the clock
  • Fix a picture hanging loop on the back of the clock
  • Touch up any area of silver paint at the centre
  • Finally install the clock mechanism
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