Introduction: Captain America String Art

Since I don't have the skills to make an actual metal or wooden shield, I decided to make string art! I love Captain America and honeyandfitzgave me the inspiration with her dream string art. It looked really fun and it wasn't that expensive. And sorry in advance for some of the steps not having pictures. I wasn't planning to post on here until I was halfway done. So, let's get started.


Template (it'll be in another step)

Cork roll like what honeyandfitz used OR cork tile (they come with adhesives)

2 or 3 packages of 11/16 inch nails (these weren't the ones that I used, but still about the same)

Small dish cloth

Hot glue gun




craft knife

Embroidery floss (can be found at your local craft store or Walmart)

1 blue

2/3 white (sorry, don't remember)

3 red

Optional: Silver Spray Paint

Step 1: Optional: Painting Your Cork

Grab some spray paint or regular acrylic paint and paint it. Tip: If you're spray painting, place it in a box, so the paint doesn't stain your driveway forever.

Step 2: Glueing Together

These cork tiles aren't very thick, so I hot glued two of them together. I wouldn't try using regular liquid glue like Elmer's or tacky glue because it doesn't dry well between cork.

Step 3: Making the Template

I couldn't figure out how to make the shield print onto two pages, so I used this and exported it to Microsoft Word. Then, I went to page layout, changed the margin to narrow, and printed it.

Since one edge of it was cut off, I had to use a compass to complete the circle. First, I cut the top off of the paper that was blank and lined the straight edge with the other edge and taped it. Then, I drew two lines with a ruler from point to the opposite end like in the picture above to find the center. After that, I started to play around with the compass to find the perfect length and followed the circles around to complete the white and outside red circles.

Using scissors or a craft knife, cut out the shield. Next, to make avoid having pieces of paper stuck to the nails, I cut the star out and most of the white part. You want to leave that small piece of white in, so all the circles are equidistant. Now, you can try to center this on your cork and begin putting the nails in.

Step 4: Start Nailing Away

I started on the star first and worked my way out. I did a nail on each corner and one in between, so that's twenty. I recommend using a small towel to push these in because your thumb will hurt after a while. For the circles, try to make them about the same distance, but not too close, or it'll take you a long time. After I started doing the blue circle, I removed the blue paper. As you can see, as I started getting to the outside circles, I strung the middle because my thumbs hurt. Once, you're done with a circle, you can cut the paper with a craft knife.

(I did this on my bed, but you can really do it anywhere)

Step 5: Floss It

There's no real pattern to do this, so you'll have to figure it out, but I made sure to get almost all the edges of each circle. If you run out of string, just use another and cut off the excess floss when you tie it off. This part took me about three hours, so listen to some podcasts, watch some videos, or hop onto Netflix. After this, you're done! Hopefully this helped you and thanks for reading my first post!

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