Introduction: Captain America VS. the Flag: How to Create a Fandom Parody Video :

1. Come up with an idea involving the characters from your fandoM

2. Find your medium the Captain America parody video i made

Step 1: Come Up With and Idea

So you want to do a parody of something you like? well first you need to come up with an idea and the portrayal of that character. Do you want to put the character you know in a confusing situation? Do you want to make fun of plot holes in the series? you have to decide what you want to show.

For my captain america video i used Current events to create my idea. Recently in South Carolina there was a debate about the Rebel flag that is offensive to some people. I thought what would captain do in this situation? so i made a video where a guy flies a Hydra flag(the bad guys in the avengers movies) and tries to explain why it's a bad flag.

Step 2: Find Your Medium

Now that you have your idea you need to find a way to express it through an art. you could make a comic book, a animated short ,a live action video or anything else you could think of the possibilities are endless

For my Video i used Anime Studio Debut 9 it's a cheap and easy to use animation software for 13 buck !!! with animation i didn't have to worry about hiring actors, making costumes, or deciding a film date because it was all on my computer!!!

here are some other parody videos that others have made using different mediums

Step 3: Watch My Parody

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