Introduction: Captain America Shield

Hello. Today I want to share the project I did quite a while ago (half a year or so). It is my own way to make Captain America's shield with only a few materials, that I run on out of boredom, when I had spare day with nothing to do.

Step 1: Materials.

1. A big piece of foam (like half square meter). I had one lying around since I made Iron Man suit.

2.Utility knife.

3. Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks in colours white, red and blue.

Step 2: Making Shield.

I simply printed a template from here, cut out the parts, outlined them on foam as many times as necessary, cut out that too and glued it all together. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of that step, becouse I never thought I'll be posting that. But above's low-resolution photo with only a little part of it painted.

Step 3: Painting.

When I was at this point of build, I wasn't really keen on painting this entire shield the same method I painted my Iron Man armour. It takes a lot of time that way, and this was quick build I wanted to have ready now. So what I did, was take a few hot glue sticks and cover shield in glue. Becouse of it, it isn't as smooth as in movies, but I really like the kind of drawn-comic book look it gained. For it to be succesfull, though, the glue lines have to spread from the center of the shield outside (blue parts look differend becouse I painted them first).

Step 4: Finishing.

In the end, I added two stripes of foam at back and hot-glued them so you can hold this shield easily and also attach it to stuff (I painted it gold, too, with no reason at all, but my original foam was yellow and i had gold paint lying around). You have to adjust lenght of the stripes to your own hand, so I'm not giving measurments. Above is the picture of me going on Avengers marathon with it on my back, and how holding side looks now.

I think this is fairly simple, cheap and easy way to make Captain America shield. It could, possibly, be made out of cardboard and painted this way too, but then it wouldn't be so soft and flexible. You can throw this one or punch every Hydra soldier you can find- at most arm stripes will fall off, and you'll have to re-glue them.

Thanks everyone for reading this instructable, please leave a comment if you enjoyed it.

Step 5: Bonus!

Do you have any red and white hot glue lying around? Well, if you finished this project, clearly you do. As good idea of what to do with them- buy some black one, transform your tennis balls into poke-balls and throw'em at your friends screaming "I choose you!". It's easy, lot of fun, from totally differend fandom and too simple to be an instructable on its own. Good luck!

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