Introduction: Captain America's Spinning Shield (in a Pedestal Fan)

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Hello fellow super villain homosapiens ( that's the scientific name for humans)!!! today I will make a whole difference to superheroes lives, I'm going to recreate captain america’s shield out of a fan, that has the power to mind manipulate the superheroes! Muahahaha!! (OH MY GOD such big words i’ll stop that now) Okay quit blabbering yourself the people want to see how you make it!!


What you need are…

~A fan (with a circle in the middle )

~The paint (red,blue,and white use acrylic or it will flake off)

~Paint brushes



~An eraser (you will mess up if you cant draw a star without a stencil)

~Gesso (So your paint is gonna stick to your fan)

~ Few plates (one small and one big so your lines will be accurate)

Step 1: Getting Started

First , take your fan apart (muahahahaha) make sure its off when you do it though (duh or else your going to get burned even maybe cut yourself😑)

Next, you take time to wipe all the dirt from the fan blades to get it ready for the paint.

Step 2: Draw , Draw, Draw!

#1 Paint the whole thing with gesso (only the places where your going to paint, and make sure it dries before you draw your lines on it)

#2 Draw a star on the circle in the middle.(I made the star using a ruler and a pencil.)

#3 Draw rings on the blades so when it spins it makes a circle. ( I used two different size plates to make the circle in the blades)

Also, you could use a reference photo

Step 3: Time to Get Messy!

Once everything is ready , you paint the fan ( on the star, paint it white and blue and on the blades (in this case i"m using three blades) paint red and white stripes if you don't understand me search captain america’s shield on google) After painting, leave it out to dry😁

Step 4: The Final Finish!

Finally, assemble your fan back together and switch it on ( it should look like one perfect image)

Finally my plan is coming together to defeat the superhero’s all thanks to you😃
(Mua hahahahahahaha) the end !

Thank u very much 🌈
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