Introduction: Captain Cardboard's Pirate Ship

          This is a project for my 9th grade Technology and Problem Solving course. Our costume, instructable, slide, and presentation will be counted as our midterm exam grade.
       This project was to build a costume for a middle school child, using only cardboard and slotted design. Each member of a team of five designed a costume that related to the team’s over all theme. Each team came up with several theme ideas and each person in that team would come up with a costume. Our team came up with a theme, based off of the ideas each member came up with. My role was to come up with a theme, and then vote on the chosen theme. After a theme was chosen, my role became to design a costume and then build it. Our theme was "boats" and my costume was a pirate ship.
       There are a few specifications involved in this costume. The costume is designed for a middle school child age 10-13. If one wants to paint the costume, both sides must be painted in order to keep the cardboard for warping. This costume is designed as a stage costume, for the theatre, not a Halloween costume.
       There are also limitations going into this design. There is a limited amount of cardboard at our disposal. Only cardboard can be used in the construction. Only slotted design can be used to construct this costume. Ergonomics must be taken into consideration, being that this is for a 10-13 year old.
Two 6'x6' pieces of cardboard (S1) (S2)
One 2'x2' piece of cardboard (S3)
One1'x1' piece of cardboard (S4)
One 3'x2' piece of cardboard (S5)
Two 3' by 3" pieces of cardboard (S6) (S7)
Four1'"x2' pieces of cardboard (S8-S11)
Hull (P1) (P2)
Mast (P3)
Sail (P4)
Flag (P5)
Cannons (P6-P10)
Straps (P11)
Ruler (T1)
Knife (T2)

Step 1: Hull

Use the ruler(T1) to measure out a trapezoid on the 6'x2' piece (S1) dimensions: Base 1, 6', base 2, 4', and 2' on each side. Add a 3"x3" tab on one side of the trapezoid. Add a 3" slit at the end of the other side.
Cut out the shape with exacto knife(T2). Add 2 3" slits on both hulls at any place desired and 1 more 3" slit on each hull towards the bottom, center of each hull.
Repeat the step again for the other hull section.

Step 2: Mast

With the ruler (T1) measure a rectangle on the 4'x3' piece (S3), 3' by 2'. Add to 3"x3" tabs on the top, and another 3"x3" tab 2 inches under one tab. Then, at the very bottom, add 2 more 3"x3" tabs.
With the knife (T2) cut out the shape.

Step 3: Sail

With the ruler (T1), take the 2'x2' square (S4), and measure 2 3" slits on either side of the top of the sail.
With the knife (T2), cut out these slits.

Step 4: Flag

With the 1'x1' piece of cardboard (S5), measure with the ruler (T1) one 3" slit in the top left corner.
With the knife (T2) cut out this slit.
If you wish to paint the flag, be sure to paint both sides so the cardboard doesn't warp.

Step 5: Cannons

Take the remaining cardboard (S6-S10) and measure with the ruler (T1) and cut out with the knife (T2) a cannon shape of your choice.
Repeat until you have 4 cannons.

Step 6: Assembly

Take the two hulls (P1) (P2) and fold the tab on one and to the slit on the other, and do the same on the other end.
Put the bottom tabs of the mast (P3) in to the bottom slits of the hulls (P1) (P2).
Put the sail (P3) on the top tabs of the mast.
Put the Flag (P4) on the remaining tab on the mast.
Put the Cannons (P5-P8) in the slits in the hulls.
Add the last cardboard strips in the most convenient place for shoulder straps.