Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial

Introduction: Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial

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The production of Captain Marvel has been kept under wraps, but we've finally gotten a glimpse of Brie Larson in the titular role. If you're excited about this upcoming addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, become the superhero yourself.

Check out this Captain Marvel Cosplay Tutorial on Costume SuperCenter's blog.

Step 1: Pick Your Pattern

Start off with the Simplicity 8286 bodysuit pattern and cut out the pieces for Bodysuit A in your size.

Step 2: Create Your Template & Cut Out

Trace the front and back pieces onto newspaper and modify the design to feature Captain Marvel’s signature red and gold V.

Repeat this step with the sleeve pattern as well.

Take your fabric and cut out your newly drawn pattern pieces, as well as the rest of the unaltered pieces.

When cutting out my self-drawn pattern pieces, leave some seam allowance to make sure the full costume will still be the same dimensions in the end.

Step 3: Create Your Base

Next, make the base of the bodysuit following the original pattern directions. Pin each piece together, right-side in, and sewing them in place with a zig-zag stitch.

Step 4: Create the Bodysuit

Once the main part of the bodysuit is sewn together, add the gold and red V. Do this the same way you attached the torso pieces together.

Next, repeat the previous step and attach the gold and red designs to the sleeve bases. Hem the sleeves with a line of red, to have a cute cuff and avoid any showing stitches. To do this, take two rectangles the same length as the end of my sleeves, folded them in half (right-side out) and attached them to the bottom.

Step 5: Add the Piping and Zipper

Add piping to the sleeve holes of the bodysuit. Use a sewing machine and a zipper foot, and then hand sew it to make sure it was attached as closely as possible. Once the piping is in place, attach the sleeves.

Add the zipper by pinning it in place and then sewing it with a regular zipper foot and then another time, retracing your steps with an invisible zipper foot.

Step 6: Make the Collar

It's time for the collar. Take the regular collar pattern piece, exaggerate it slightly by curving the edges. Pin and sew it together following the pattern directions.

To make sure the collar would sit upright and stay closed, hand stitch some large clasps to the inside. Finish it off by sewing some small gold buttons into place!

Step 7: Finish the Bodysuit

It's time to work on the bottom half of the suit. Start by closing the seam underneath the zipper and sew the crotch pieces together.

Take the leg fabric, sew the pieces together, and begin to attach the legs to the torso. This is done by placing each leg right-side out against the bodysuit, lining up the seam lines, and sewing it into place.

Once the full bodysuit is sewn up, it's time for the star! Print out a photo to use as a pattern, cut it out, and then cut out the fabric star in two halves.

Step 8: Attach the Star & Create the Belt

To attach the star to the suit, use some Peel ‘n Stick sheets.

The last step is the belt. Use one very long rectangle of fabric, pin it together right-side in, and sew along the edge. Once sewn, flip it back right-side out. Then, placing the seam in the center, fold the edges inward, pin them down, and sew them shut.

Step 9: Create the Medallion

For the medallion, take a sheet of 4mm craft foam, cut out a circle, and then cut out a slightly larger circle in the gold material.

Hot glue the fabric down to the back of the foam circle and then also glue safety pins so it can be removable from the belt.

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    Folda Fett
    Folda Fett

    3 years ago

    Great costume! Just in time for Halloween too. You should post a few more photos of you in it so people can see what it looks like on someone from multiple views.