Introduction: Captains T-shirt Story

Hi guys! I know i havent posted in awhile so i decided to show you this story i will make a how to for this story but for right now this is it


Step 1:

There once was a a sea captain,who not very smartly decided to set sail on a boat made of paper.

Step 2:

When signs of a storm began to show up the captain grew worried. His fears were proved right when lighting hit the boat and the prow of his boat was broken off.

Step 3:

More lighting struck and the captain watched as his stern was broken off

Step 4:

with one final loud CRASH! The mast and sails were torn off too

Step 5:

And there was nothing left but the captain's t-shirt!!

Step 6:

Thank you so much for reading my captain's t-shirt story if you want to see how to do this trick i will post an instructable when i have the time please leave feedback and tell me if you would like to learn yo tell this story