Introduction: Capture the Flag

These are rules for our version of Capture the Flag. I don't know if there are any official rules to it, this is just the way me and my friends made up. The only thing you need is two flags, and space to play. Also, this is going to be entered into the How to Play ______ contest. (hint hint)...

Step 1: Get a Flag...

Anything can be used as a flag, really. Just as long as it's noticeable, and easily carried. A very easy to make flag would be a stick, with something like a plastic grocery bag tied to it. If that's not possible, then spray-painting a stick or something like that would work just fine.

Step 2: Pick Teams and Decide Territory

Next thing to do is decide territory. Divide the space you'll be playing on into two. It's best to make each side roughly equal. If you have spray paint made for grass, you can paint the border in. If not, then any stationary object (like a tree, driveway, or building) can help mark the borders. We played on an acre lot with several buildings and lots of trees, including a large oak, which lined up with the side of a house, and that's how we divided the yard. Each side requires areas for a jail and a fort. I'll explain in the next step.

CAUTION: Make sure everyone has a clear understanding of where the border is. This will save a lot of headaches and arguments in the future.

There are two teams, and two sides, so however you go about deciding 'who's on who's team' and 'who gets what side' is totally up to you. Many people do it differently. The way the we always found that worked best was this: Everybody votes two people to be team captains. They decide if they want to pick a person first, or pick the side they want. If they both want to pick the same thing, then they settle it with 'rock paper scissors'. The winner decides what he/she wants first pick of, sides or players. If they get first pick of a person, the other one gets to pick which side they want, and vice versa.

Step 3: Flag Location

Before you start the game, figure out where your flag will be. That is your fort. It's got to be easy to reach. No sticking it the top of a tree or something difficult like that. It will make the game virtually impossible to win. Everybody on the opposite team has to be able to access it and they have to know where it is. So remember, if you decide to make yours difficult to get to, they can do the same to you.

Step 4: Gameplay

Now to play the game. The object of Capture the Flag is to capture the other team's flag and bring it to your fort while protecting your own. If you capture the enemy's flag, then you win!

If you are in the enemy's territory, you can be tagged, and put in their jail. Your own territory, however, is the exact opposite. You are safe and any enemy in your territory can be tagged by anyone on your team, and put in your jail.The only way to be freed is to get tagged by a teammate who has not been tagged after you enter the jail. You can't get rescued before you get there, or by somebody who is caught as well. And no stepping outside the jail to be freed more easily. If freed, you must return to your own side immediately, you cannot free others, capture the flag, or be caught by an enemy until you've reached your side. Then you can continue normally.

The only way to win is to capture the enemies flag, or manage to tag their whole team in jail.

Step 5: Strategy

This game requires not only physical capabilities but also strategic ones. Planning an attack as well as positioning players for better defense is a crucial part of this game. My advice is to keep someone guarding the flag at all times. This is crucial. And try to keep at least two to three people on the outside edge of the border. That way it's easier to box an intruder in so there is no escape.

Thanks for reading this Instructable and I hope that you'll have as much fun as I have with this game. If you enjoyed it, then vote for it in the How to Play ______ contest. Thank you!

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