Introduction: Captured Fairy Domicile

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The Captured Fairy Domicile is a simple, up-cycle project that uses recycled glass bottles for a charming display. Add a picture, some tiny mementos and curiosities, to create something of joy for a loved one as a gift.

These can be made in memory of someone, or with a picture of a child to gift to a grandparent. These are sure to delight the person you make one for. I just love this simple and unique keepsake.

It's so easy to capture a fairy! You probably have all the things you need to make one yourself on hand! What are you waiting for? This is the perfect, personalized gift that you will enjoy making and people love to receive!

Step 1: Gather Your Items

You will need a clean bottle with a lid. Soak the label off in hot soapy water. Rinse and drip dry.

If the bottle you use doesn't have a lid, you can use a cork or even a piece of foil to seal the top closed. The bottle is the domicile, or dwelling place. This is a great chance to use those interesting bottles that can't be recycled. I have an Irish Mist Bottle, a whiskey bottle, a maple syrup bottle and a Modelo beer bottle. All of these would make a perfect domicile! Clear glass wine bottles and other bottles like salad dressing bottles can be used too.

Now you need a picture or photograph that you want to display in the bottle. This is the fairy part. You can insert a single picture, or use a series of pictures (3) like I did, so your person shows up no matter which direction the domicile is facing.

Gather mementos-You will want to collect a few, small things that can fit thru the mouth of your bottle to add to the inside. I used items that reminded me of my Pop. A miniature bowling pin, some paper roses off of a tea tag, a chain, beads and glass cabochons, tumbled stones, and a handwritten note folded up tiny enough to fit inside. I also added a drop of the cologne Pop use to wear to the inside so when you remove the lid you can experience the olfactory memory too.

Also, decorate the outside of the bottle. You can apply stickers or temporary tattoos to decorate the glass, use sharpies or markers, or use tissue paper and starch to cover the top part where the picture doesn't show thru. The fun part is decorating your bottle to reflect the personality of the person you are celebrating.

Step 2: Put It All Together

I printed off 3 of the same picture each colored differently to add a rainbow of variety and color to the domicile. I used an old military picture of my Pop. The original wasn't very colorful so I kicked it up a notch and jazzed the colors up in my photo editing program. I then made a collage that I printed out and used my 3 favorites.

To assemble the bottle, take your picture and carefully wrap it around a pencil or something similar so you can roll it tight enough to fit thru the neck of the bottle. After you carefully roll it, drop it inside the bottle. It will drop and unfurl. Now you have a resident in your domicile!

I took the lid to the bottle and covered it in cloth and glued it on. I added a little bell hanging off a string to hang on the inside and a miniature abalone shell to the top off the lid. Pop used to abalone dive, so the shell is a nod to his love of diving.

You can use silk flowers or florist moss on the inside to create an outdoor feel. Add a butterfly or flower to the lid. Tie with a ribbon. You can create a picnic scene with a piece of checkerboard gingham cloth, and some miniature food stuffs. Add some miniature plastic ants. So many ways to be creative with this one project idea!

Step 3: Gift or Keep

I made this jar as a gift for my sister. I am going to make a second one for my husband to take to work. He has been missing his dad and I thought this could bring a smile to his face to see his dad sitting on the shelf.

These can be made as simply or as elaborately as you want. I made one for my brother with a wine bottle and filled the bottle almost half full with little mementos, miniature food, pillows, tiny toys, beads, dice, plastic hotdogs, miniature polymer clay foods. I even added a tiny bottle with a metal lid that has a miniature note in it. If you use a magnet, you can bring the tiny bottle up and out of the neck of the wine bottle to open and read the letter. The bottle is an old nitroglycerin bottle of my moms. You will be amazed once you start looking for stuff to put inside what you will find to fit!

My brother got such a kick out of his domicile that it encouraged me to make some more. I continue to send him little things to add to his domicile to make it more cozy and personal. He just pops off the cork and drops them in. I figure it will be some sort of time capsule in the future.

All you need is a bottle and a picture and a little bit of imagination. This simple project is so cute and thoughtful- a sure delight!

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