Introduction: Car Alternator to Cheap Motor


This is my first instructables.

Because of my English i put more pictures and less words.

In this instructable i will try to explain how to convert car alternator to motor.

Step 1: Material Required

You will need:

- old car alternator

- servo tester

- Brushless ESC speed contorler

- 12V Battery

- 5V Power supply (old PC supply or some DC step-down)

Step 2: Disassembling

This is Bosch alternator from German cars in 1980.

First disassembl regler (two screws).

Then unscrew 4 screws from front (pulley) side.

After separating Stator and Rotor remove stator and diodes from housing (3 screws).

Cut off diodes from stator.

Step 3: Modifications

Isolate brushes.
I made this with angel grinder.
And solder some wires on both brush.

Step 4: Wiring and Assembling

I use PC power supply 5V for rotor, and car battery 12V for ESC (stator).

You can also use 12V on rotor, but motor will bi slow and spent 3 amps on rotor.

After wiring assemble everything back except diodes.
Some better ESC have switch for changing direction, but you can do manually switching two phase.

And that is all.

And one more think.

Please be careful, this is a powerful
motor and it can hurt you.