Introduction: Car Armrest DIY

Car Armrest Reupholster

Step 1: Overview

I recently purchased a new to me car. While it was mechanically sound, the interior was less than beautiful. The armrest in particular, which looked like dog nails used it as grip during travel, definitely needed to be replaced.

Step 2: Remove Old Armrest

Unassemble your car armrest. Mine has an adjustable height and may be more complicated than most. It should be held on by only a few screws. Remove them and keep them in a safe place for reassembly.

Step 3: Remove Old Leather

If you can call this leather. The old cover needs to be peeled off. carefully remove it and any foam padding that might be damaged underneath.

Step 4: Cut New Leather

Forgot pictures (facepalm)

Nevertheless. If you can, use the old leather as a pattern. If not, place your armrest in the center of your new leather. Cut a square with enough for overlap. More is always better since you can't add more back on.

Step 5: Glue and Reinstall

The hardest part is gluing the leather so you don't have any folds or seams. Luckily, mine was stretchy enough which helped around the corners.

The trick is starting on one side and working your way around. Don't be tempted by trying to do multiple sides at once. You will inevitably cause wrinkles and find you have too much material in the corners.

Once done gluing, reassemble your armrest and enjoy!