Introduction: Car Back Door Tent

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If you looking for a
tent you can put at the back door of your car you mostly have to spent a lot of money. This clamp gives you the opportunity to make your own for about 10€.

This is a simple clamp you can put at the back door of your car/van to build your own back tent.

All you need is a ~3m rubber band with up to 10mm diameter(I used 8mm) from your local hardware store and a canvas.

You need 8 clamps so that it fits properly.

Test it if its fits on your car. I made it for a Volkswagen T4.



3m rubber band, up to 10mm diameter

canvas (on the pictures i used a 2x3m canvas as a test)

Step 1: Printing

Print 8 clamps.

Scale the object to 50% with your slicer before printing.

Step 2: Attachment

Use a at least 3m long rubber band with up to 10mm diameter (I used 8mm).

Just connect the ends of the rubber band with two nods.

Now you can put the clams on the rubber band and put it at the back door of your car.

Two clams on each side.

Step 3: Connect the Canvas

Now you are able to attach a canvas wit a carabiner hook, a cable tie or just some ropes at the rubber band.

For additional support connect the canvas with the ground by using some hooks.

Step 4: Variation

You could also use some staves to put at the canvas and connect the
canvas only at the top of the construction so you are able to close the back door and still got a tent/cover to use.