Introduction: Car Cover Willams 5th

We got some Pvcp pipe that was laying around in the shop that was pre cut and placed it around the car making a square like shape around the car


Pvc pipe

Step 1:

We got t like shaped connectors and placed em in the middle of the piping and we inserted a piece off pipping going up

Step 2: Frame

connecting the piping to make a roof like structure so the tarp can go cover and not get the car wet

Step 3:

We got all our piping together and made a square shape structure

Step 4: Glue

We got glue and glued all our piping make sure the structure is nice and stable and won’t come apart

Step 5:

Step 6: Tarp

We got our tarp and placed it how we wanted it over our pvc piping

Step 7:

We got washers and screws and made are tarp stable so the wind can’t blow it off make sure the tarp is always secure on the same spot , we zip tied the end of the tarp to the fence where the structure is going to be placed so the tarp won’t fly off

Step 8: Final Product

This is our final product after all the putting the pipes together and glueing them together . Also after we placed the tarp over it and screwing the tarp down and zip Tying it to the fence