Introduction: Car Crankshaft Side Table

Here's how to make a side table out of a crankshaft from a car's engine!


Rose Gold (Bronze) Paint

Black Enamel Paint

Brake Cleaner

Masking Tape

Round glass top

Drill wire wheel set


Crank pulley

Flexplate / Flywheel

Valve set

Step 1: Preparation

I got the flex plate, crank pulley and crankshaft from a Lexus ES300. The base was a brake booster I cut up - but a brake rotor can work just as well.

Start be preparing the surfaces with the wire wheel and brake cleaner for paint.

Step 2: Paint

I opted to paint the shiny parts of the crankshaft (bearing surfaces) in rose gold (bronze) first, then mask it off and paint the balance weights of the crankshaft black.

The pulley, base and flex plate were also painted black.

Step 3: Assembly

I assembled the parts together, by bolting the crank pulley to the base with two screws.

The flex plate will then bolt in with its flex plate bolts to form the table top.

Step 4: Final Touches

I added some valve springs and valves to lift the glass top surface above the flex plate bolts and give the table a little more height.

Overall it came out pretty cool, though it is a bit heavy. You might want to add some sticky pads to the valve tops so the glass doesn't slide off. The shear weight of the crankshaft makes it very stable.