Introduction: Car Detailing

Detailing a car requires several steps beyond the regular vacuum and car wash both in the inside and the outside. The standard car-wash is not a detail. Detailing a car means paying attention to the tiny details that add up to make the car maintain its integrity. Usually car detailing starts from the inside so you don’t have to worry about messing up the exterior while working on the inside.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

5 - 10 minutes if readily available (to purchase new supplies, ~ 1 hour)

Washing & Drying

  • Five Gallon Buckets
  • Foam Gun
  • Wash Mitt
  • Car Soap
  • Stiff bristled brush (For tires and wheel wells)
  • Boars Hair brush for wheels
  • Drying - Microfiber Towels

Step 2: Park Car in a Big Area

(preferred with shade)(~ 5 mins)

Step 3: Open Car Doors & Remove Floor Mats

Step 4: Remove Unwanted Things (trash Bag)

Step 5: Add Clean Water to a Bucket and Place Microfiber Cloth in Bucket

(bucket & microfiber cloth) (~ 5 mins)

Step 6: Wipe All Door Trims and Dash *microfiber (1 Wet & 1 Dry)

(Gauge times for dash, door trim, door, etc.)

Step 7: Dump Old Water, Get New Water and Wipe Seats

rinse same wet rag

1) If leather seats, wipe with clean water & dry

2) If cloth, vacuum the seats

Step 8: Use Auto Glass Cleaner to Clean Inside Windows

1) use microfiber cloth (dry)

2) wipe in same motion, then crack window down to get edge of window

3) windshield & rear window - rear view window & flap mirror

Step 9: Use Wet Rag to Clean Exterior Trim - Trunk, Door Jams, All Aluminum Pieces

Step 10: Pop the Hood & Clean the Plastic Covers

(CAUTION: use care cleaning under the hood with pressure washer) and clean the windshield canals.

Step 11: Vacuum the Interior Now

1) floor boards

2) If leather seats - cracks between back & bottom cushion

Step 12: Vacuum Floor Mats

If rubber mats, wash with water and let dry

Step 13: Outside the Car

Fill bucket with clean water! Add car soap, put rag & scrub brush in bucket

Step 14: Wet Rim & Tire

1) Apply purple power (degreasing soap) ON TIRE ONLY

2) Scrub tire w/ scrubbing brush

3) Wash w/ soap water on rim & tire

Step 15: Use Pressure Extender to Rinse

Clean wheel well too! with pressure extender

Step 16: Washig the Outside : Wet Entire Car

1) Put wipers up

2) New water & soap - add sponge to bucket

3) Wipe car w/ sponge

4) Start on side that is not directly in sun (in shade)

5) Wash car going in a clock wise motion around the car so one side, hood, other side, trunk

6) Rinse each side after applying soap

7) Rinse entire car again & then dry with shammy top to bottom

8) check to see if you missed spots

9) Open doors & dry exterior trim w/ shammy

Step 17: Rims/ Tires

1) Wait for rims to dry

While waiting use leather wipes on seats if applicable

Auto glass exterior windows on outside of windows

2) Spray tire w/ tire shine (dub) once dry

Step 18: Once Dry Put Mats Back in