Introduction: Car Door Trim Carpet Fix

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This instructable shows you an easy way to fix carpet that pulls out from underneath the door sill trim. I've had this problem on my car for the last couple of years. I would pull the trim and place the carpet back underneath only to have it come back out after a month or so. This solution was taken from a Honda service bulletin for a 2008-2009 Accord but the fix should work on most cars and trucks. It only takes about 5 minutes and only requires a piece of double-sided tape.

See video for fix.

Step 1: Tools/Materials


  • Scissors
  • Screw Driver or putty knife (optional)


  • 3M Automotive Attachment Tape: P/N 3M 051131-06381 (Recommended by Honda)
  • Gorilla Tape Mounting Tape, Clear: P/N 6065001 (Used in this instructable)

Step 2: Remove the Door Sill Trim (AKA Kick Panel or Kick Plate)

For many newer cars, this trim piece is held on with plastic clips. You should be able to remove it by hand. Do this slowly but with constant force and the trim should just lift out. Older cars generally used screws for the attachment. If it is not obvious, I suggest researching online for removal techniques.

Step 3: Remove Carpet Clips

If applicable, unfasten any carpet clips from the body. Again, these should snap off by hand. If not, use a screw driver or putty knife.

Step 4: Add Tape

Measure the length between the clips. Cut double-sided tape to the measured length and apply it to the body between the clips. Quick note about the tape. I found the recommended tape from Honda cost $50 for a roll. The Gorilla tape used here cost $5/roll. So far, the low cost solution seems to be working fine.

Step 5: Remove Tape Backing

Note that this picture only shows a single strip. Additional tape can be added in the area for a better bond.

Step 6: Secure

Press carpet against body and refasten carpet clips

Step 7: Reinstall Door Sill Trim (snap Into Clips)

Step 8: Test

Follow the tape manufacturer’s recommended set time before testing. Test the repair by sitting seat and pushing down on the side wall of the carpet with your foot.

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