Introduction: Car Engine to Motorbike From Scrap

All must be wondering how car engine can fit into a motorbike true, its very difficult!

but made it possible using Maruti 800cc car engine from scrap to 800cc motorbike its true


  • 800cc car engine
  • Motorbike tyres
  • Exhuast
  • Handle
  • Chasis
  • Tools

Step 1: Design and Selection of Materials

Must choose best quality materials to withstand heavy weight the engine weight was around 500kg so selection of tyres for motorbike is very important thing, also make wiring properly. Chassis design is must and accurate. If design is not accurate there are many chances of mishandling.

Step 2: Chasis Build Up

Most important thing in motorbike is chasis ( body frame) as accurate the chasis is that much accurate motorbike will be. According to engine build up the chasis of motorbike use heavy metals for non bending of chasis and weld properly so that water doesn't go in and form rust take this precautions.

Step 3: Tank and Painting Part

I made the tank it was about 8 litres in the shape of aerodynamic so that it wont resist air. Now fix everything as shown in the imagesand paint it.

Step 4: Done!

Done with the motorbike using car engine. It took me around 2 months to build this bike it was amazing experience to make it i learnt many things while doing that was much knowledgeable.

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