Introduction: Car Followed by Light

Basicly thats rebuilt RC car.

can made by anyone, and very likably by children and adults too!!

All it does is to follow flash light in a black room, not hard to make but not that easy.

Created and programmed by me.


*RC Car that not too small

*Arduino UNO


*LDR x 6

*Resistor 10K ohm x 6

Step 1: First You Need Some Stuff to Get It All Ready !

1. Get any working Remote Control Car, and take apart it, be careful not to harm the parts.

2. Remove it's microcontroller, supose to be small with like 5 wires.

3. Now you have to think how you're going to get the Arduino UNO in it.

4. Open my scematic, and try to connect all the components that connected to the L293D right, it is not very hard.put inside the car as much as you can.

Step 2: The LDR Circruit

5. The LDR circruit is very important, therefore try not to mess it up.

a) you suppose to place it in position each LDR in it's direction and does not bother the other ones. For example I placed under the roof so it would be more comfortable and it was the only place left for me.

b) Over the scematic it looks nice and easy but when you get to do it you see there are 6 long strings between the analog pins and the LDRs, so be more careful there.

6. After you got all the stuff ready and you about to make it move you have to target the right LDR to it's number in the program.You check which one is the right one not from the string because then it would be messed up.You have to do it with the software I uploaded called "LDR_Checking"I guess you'll figure it out how to use it.

Step 3: Finished

7.After you entered the right numbers to the software it should be working.