Introduction: Car Organizer

I have made a wooden car organizer. It is 1.5 feet tall, 1 foot wide and 2 feet long.


1/4 Inch Plywood

Door Hinges

Wood Glue

Brad Gun


Step 1: Collect Wood and Materials

Step 2: Build the Frame

Next, I built the frame out of four long pieces of wood and the two pieces of plywood.

Step 3: Add Panels

I added all three panels. I waited to add the door so I could find a thicker piece of wood.

Step 4: Add Divider and Door

I inserted a piece of plywood as a divider, along with attaching the door to the hinges.

Step 5: Laser Etch Design

I chose to laser cut the Grateful Dead dancing bears into the wood. This now sits on the door.

Step 6: Add Lock

The last step was to add a lock along with four small blocks to raise the box.