Introduction: Car Parts Second Hand Disinfectant Sprayer

Due to covid-19 epidemic issue, every body need disinfectant sprayer, The chalange is to make it cheap enough, simple enough, make a mist instead of water droplets, and also portable.

to answer the chalange i use scrap car parts to make very cheap disinfectant mist maker, which is easy to operate, portable and make the mist.

it cost about $20 for all parts you need, but it is depend on how good you at bargaining at the scrap yard he.he..

i use arduino to control fuel pump and car injector to make it work perfectly

yes it is real simple program but i hope it is useful for them who need this disinfectant

why use arduino program, why don't we just use simple button to activate the pump ?

  1. we can adjust time for the disinfectant sprayer every time it is activate (duration)
  2. we need to release the excess pressure before we shut it off each time it is activated, if don't the hose will be unpluged from injector or pump

that's all lets check the how we build it in the steps

Step 1: First Car Parts You Need Is Fuel Pump

Fuel pump create enough pressure to make the mist for our disinfectant

you can use any injection car Fuel pump, i use toyota Avanza 12v second Fuel pump

Step 2: The Second Car Parts We Need Is Car Injector or Nozzle

any 12v car fuel injector will work for our project, once more i use from second hand Toyota parts, unfortunately i don't know what kind of toyota this injector from, but as long as i know they all almost the same size and function

Step 3: I Use Arduino Pro Mini Copy

you can use any type of arduino here , or may be just Attiny 13 but i have in stock is arduino pro mini so i use it

Step 4: Cheap Car Phone Charger

I use component of car phone charger as the dc Step down, because my source of power will be 12v either from car battery or other source but it is 12v. We need 12v because it will be use to power up the pump and injector too

Step 5: 2pcs 12v Relay

I use 2pcs of 12v relay, one for fuel pump, second for injector

Step 6: Touch Button Instead of Ordinary Push Button

To make it cooler to your neighborhood let's use touch button instead of regular push button , they work with the same sketch in arduino, you can use push button to no problem

Step 7: Use ULN2003 As Relay Driver

Let's use ULN2003 as the RElay driver, it is simple and reliable. I attach the schematic diagram of ULN 2003 from google search. ULN2003 need + trigger to produce - signal to activate the relay

Step 8: Here Our Wiring Diagram of Car Scrap Disinfectant

i add some led just to have more visibility on the program , but included in the schematic.

and i also attach the sketch here.


this is my first instructable project

i hope you enjoy it

any question and critics are welcome

Step 9: