Introduction: Car Radio Frequency LED Color Changing Dome Light

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DIY by: Michael Goodman

Materials Used from Elemental Led. ( )

1x - High Power RF Controller

1x - 1 ft. of High Density RGB Strip Light

1x - Dome Light Connector
(If you want to do this project let a customer service associate help you. We sometimes have extra of these connectors lying around. If not, you will need to buy a dome light to get the connector)

A little bit of 4-Wire

Step 1: Controller Breakdown

Start by un-assembling the high power RF controller case using a Phillips head screw driver. There is one screw on each side of the case.

Once the case top after it has been unscrewed. Continue by taking off the ribbon, it will just pull right off.

There is also two screws that attach the controller board to the case base so you will have to unscrew that as well.

Now that the case is no longer in the equation, lets get the terminal blocks and case light diode's out too.

Using a heat gun and soldering iron we will dis-assemble the RF Controllers' wire terminal blocks and display lights. This is a two hand job. Clamp that sucker down!

Now we are done with the breakdown, Its time to prepare the controller for install.

Step 2: Preparing The Controller and Strip Light

Solder on the power leads to the controller using the appropriate car dome connector piece. Red being positive, black negative (although with this 12v system either way would be ok.. you just may have to turn the dome connector piece around if it is not working with that polarity).

Take your one foot RGB section and cut it in to three (3) sections of 4 inches. You will be able to cut the strip every two inches (2"). To do this, just make the cut on the appropriate line where the scissor symbol is located. Make this cut as straight as you can.

Take your 4-wire and twist the corresponding lines together tightly (Black, Red, Green and Blue); continue to add solder on the lines for a strong connection and hold.

Finish off by soldering on the RGB lines to the appropriate terminals; reference the outer case if necessary.

Take of your adhesive covering from the strip lights off and stick the strip to the back of the controller.

Now we are ready to install.

Step 3: Installing Your Lights

Connect the car power source to where the old light fixture used to be and place the controller there as well. Fiddle with the controller as you get the cover placed on, just be patient.. this can be a frustrating process. You may take additional methods to mount the controller if you like, but I just put my cover back on and let it sit freely.

That's it!! Your done!! If everything has gone smoothly you should have a fancy new dome light that changes colors and strobes.

Most important tip:
Only do this project if the RF controller will fit in your cars dome. My car just happened to work out perfectly. You could also use a Mini RGB controller if you don’t have enough room for the RF controller in your dome, but you will have to take it out every time to change the color mode with the Mini.

NOTE: Please be responsible on the road. Do not do crazy strobes while driving! It is against the law and even more importantly, it is a danger to other drivers!!