Introduction: Car Switchboard.

When I was watching the all time great comedy Airplane(1980) I thought to myself "I want to be able to switch a bunch of random switches while driving around and feel like a pilot" but sadly I do not have my pilots license. Instead of spending forever studying and getting my pilots license I decided to just have some fun and make an addition to my 2017 Honda Civic. I made a switchboard so that I can have some fun while driving around (but still driving safely) and to joke around with my passengers. Sometimes when someone gets in my car for the first time they might ask what it does so I tell to switch it and find out. When they start to switch it or push the button I scream "No not that one!!!!!" and then they jump. Its a funny prank (if you know the person well).

DISCLAIMER!!!!! This switchboard controls no aspect of your car. All it does it entertain your passengers and make you feel like you are driving the bat mobile, a race car, or flying a spaceship.

Step 1:

Take the sheet metal and draw the shape that fits the area you are putting the switchboard. Then measure out 2 rows both equal distance from the top or bottom and make markings at set intervals. Then make a dot in the middle of the board towards one end of the board made my board a rectangle to fit the space in my center console and to keep the project as uncomplicated as possible. I have my top line as my row of lights (L) and the bottom row as my switches (S)

Step 2:

Cut out the shape you have chosen (for me it was a rectangle) and drill the holes in your board. Remember to measure the switches and lights so the holes are the correct size.

The following measurements are for the components listed above

  • Switches - mounting hole of 12mm.
  • LED Indicator light - mounting hole of 16mm.
  • LED push button - mounting hole of 12mm.

Step 3:

Install the switches, lights, and button. screw them all in tightly or they will not be secure and will rotate.

Step 4: Wiring

Wire the components together. I used different colored wires (red, black,& white) in order to differentiate their purposes. I connected the white wires to the bottom screw of the switches, the black wire connects the top screw of the switch to one of the 2 screws of the Indicator lights, and then connect the red wire to the unoccupied screw on the Indicator lights.

Step 5:

In order to wire the LED push button, you will need to do wiring or soldering if you are comfortable with it. I included a diagram to show you how to wire/solder the light successfully.

Step 6:

Connect all the red wires so there is 1 big connection. Do the same for the white wires.

Step 7:

Cut the plug off of the car charger and strip the outer insulation off of the cord starting from around 1 inch down. Underneath the outer insulation you will find 2 separate wires. Strip the insulation off of the red wire and connect it to the other red wires so that all the red wires are connected to the car charger plus. There will either be a black or white wire within the car charger besides the red wire. Connect that second wire to the white wires.

Step 8:

Wrap electrical tape around the red wire connection and then wrap electrical tape around the white wire connection. Make sure the metal does of the red wires does not touch the metal of the white wires or else your switch board will not work.

Step 9:

Finally install the switchboard in your car. You can secure it in place with an adhesive like hot glue or super glue. If you want the switchboard to be as secure as possible, I would suggest you secure the board in with one screw in every corner. I was planning on securing my board in with screws but sadly my dad would not let me do that :(