Car Themed Chair

Introduction: Car Themed Chair

This Car Themed Chair is exactly what the title says it is. A Chair that has been themed by a car. It utilises a car seat with a simplistic chair frame to hold the seat up. This chair can be made following the steps and buying the materials. All materials are found at Bunnings except the car seat where you'll need to find at the wreckers. This chair has a nice complementary look to it when placed in a lounge room.


  • Coach screw (25)
  • Pine Wood (5 metres)
  • Phillips head screw (4)
  • Hand Drill
  • Hack Saw
  • Hand Saw
  • Philips drill bit (1)
  • Socket Tool (16 mm)
  • Car seat
  • Brush
  • Sand paper
  • Lacquer

Step 1: Removal of Seat Belt From Rails

When looking at the bottom of the car seat you should see 4 nuts where you must remove it to release the rails from the seat. Once this is done lay the rails flat on the table.

Once this is done remove it is time to remove the seat belt part attached to the rails. This should be easy as a little bit of wiggling and a bit of hammer action will remove it.

Step 2: Removal of the Car Mounts and Handle

Once the seat belt has been removed, lay the rails out flat on the table with the mounts that connect the rails to the car seat facing down. This should mean that there are 4 mounts that connect the rails to the car facing up. You must remove the mounts that are facing up. This is to be done using the hack saw. Removing the welded part and a drill removing the rivets. Drilling down the centre of the rivets should cause them to break off. Cutting the weld with the hack saw will cause the mount to break off. There are 4 mounts on the rails.

Once this is done it is time to remove the handle from the rails. You are to lay the rails out flat on the table and go as close as you can to the rails before you start cutting the rails. Start cutting the handle off on both side of the rails taking note which side is the front and which is the back. The side with the handle is the front.

Step 3: Cutting the Leg Pieces

Once the cutting of the parts off the rails is done it is time to cut the pieces for the leg. Using the pine wood you are to cut two of the template above. Measurements are on the image. Using the hand saw it should be relatively easy to cut the pieces of wood to the exact length each of them have to be. It is crucial that each piece is followed to the exact length otherwise the design will have some major flaws later on.

After cutting two of each piece you need to cut an additional 2 pieces of wood the same length as each other. This piece of wood can be your decision to see how wide you leg frames are going to be apart. It is recommended that you measure the minimum distance the frames can be apart so that your car seat can fit on the legs.

Step 4: Joining Everything Together

Once all pieces are cut out it is time to join it all together. Using the coach screw to join everything together.

Place all the pieces on the table and have them laid out how the leg frame would look. There will be one screw in each joint but the middle horizontal piece as this will have 2 screws due to the momentary forces that it gets.

To join everything together you must drill through the first piece of wood using a 10 mm drill bit and then the next piece of wood with a 7 mm drill bit so that the two pieces of wood have the clearance and the pilot hole. Once the holes are drilled it is time to attach the coach screws to it. It is recommended to clamp the pieces down so they don't move. To screw the coach screw in a socket tool with a size 16 mm head is used to do this.

When the pieces are all joined together with the horizontal piece having 2 screws on each side is done. You are to repeat this for the other frame.

When the two are completed you should have 2 identical leg frames. The final step of joining the using the two pieces of wood that was cut to your dimensions on the inside to connect the two frames together. Using the same joining method as above you are to do this for the two pieces of wood on the inside of the frame. Making sure the slanted leg is side by side with the other slanted leg.

Step 5: Connecting the Rails to the Legs

When the legs is completed it is time to place the rails onto the legs. In the middle of the two frames are the two pieces of wood connecting them. Placing the rails on either side of the piece of wood making sure that the front of the rails is at the side where it is the straight leg. Make sure the distance between each of the rails are the right distance to allow for the car seat to be placed on easily. Each rails should be resting on a piece wood. It is time to screw them in.

Using the drill, Phillips screw and Phillips screw bit drill the rails in at the 4 ends where the hole is. Once this is done the rails should be securely mounted onto the chair legs.

Step 6: Sand the Chair and Lacquer

Once the rails have been attached it is time to sand the whole legs. Every single piece is to be sanded with the grain and not against it as this will cause scratches. Once the whole project is sanded it is time to apply the Lacquer. The lacquer is to be applied with a brush with different coats being done on it. 3 coats is the amount that should be applied but if you want more or less can be applied.

Step 7: Placing Seat Onto the Legs

When the lacquer has dried and all the coats are completed it is time for the final step. The placing of the car seat needs to be placed slowly as the lacquer can not be scratched. Slowly lower the seat with the front of the chair on the side with the straight leg down. Once the chair has been put on its mounts put the nuts to securely tighten the chair to the legs.

You have now completed you own Car Themed Chair

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    3 years ago

    I like it! Great reuse for an old car chair. Nicely done : )