Introduction: Car From the Movie Final Fantasy the Spirits Within

First of all I have to give credit Ghostsniper because I original made his warthog and then changed in to this. If using your design is offensive I am sorry.
I know it looks like a big Warthog, well it kind of is and thats why I based the car on the warthog.
This Car had the role of allowing the main characters to escape the shielded city.
My construction of it was on the scale size of an average bionicle. sadly it is not completely to scale.
But it holds more than I expected and didn't have as many problems as expected but it does have problems. It was only suppose to hold 6 people but can hold 7 easily without new problems. It does have a slight weight problem that I have half way fixed. I would say this is my best K'nex vehicle yet.

In the movie the people aren't as crampt and the back part was wider and longer but weight was beginning to really show. This car is equipped with a larger organic matter shooting gun or just an energy gun. I can't give any of you who haven't seen the movie a comparison picture because there is none that I could find. I looked really hard.
But there is a clip I can show you:
This clip is unclear but the only part of the movie where it comes in.

I hoped you like my favorite vehicle.
Starting with with having a finished warthog made &
designed by Ghostsniper here are the things which I added to make it in to this vehicle was:
-changing the suspension to the ball & socket pieces(because thats all I had).
-changing the wheels for the same reason.
-changing the back for the suspension & the cannon, which I also changed.
-added front piece which the warthog gets its name, taking off the back bumper, and I added seats.
Here are the reconstruction parts:
-I took off the back section in order to add the 2nd pair of seats then reattached the back.(the 2nd pair of seats are copied off the 1st pair so I won't have to change the back, (the copy of the front seats is a little smaller).
-here was the hard but simple part, I sliced the whole car in half from front to back down the middle. It had a blue rod to start but I changed it for the length of a yellow rod to make the scale better.
-I changed the axes from red rods & 1 gray rod to gray rods and 2red rods combined by a orange piece. this is to compensate for widening the car.
-I put in Lego suspension pieces in the front for more balance. I know its Lego & if you don't have them or want them you don't have to put them in.
-Last Step. I put in chairs in the back, added a simple cannon, added the rolling bars, and put in a floor made from grays & white rods.
If you do all this and add the details which are in the pictures you are good to go.