Introduction: Carboard LED "Bulb"

 After my last (first actually) instructable some materials left in the office.
I wanted to make something more with cardboard LED-s and prints.

Step 1: Materials

 Let's see what was left:
Piece of cardboard
stick glue
some LED-s
time while manager is out of office :)

Step 2:

 OK, lets start
first of all this piece of cardboard was divided in 4 equal size pieces.
then I cut out some holes in bulb shape
2 of them are same size, accurate with nice curves, these will be out parts
other 2 are larger and not so handsome, these will be inner

Step 3:

 now we stick one by one large and small hole parts and get two almost ready cardboard frame
Unfortunately I missed to make photo of sticked parts and will go directly to leds.
so, here I'd got prepared 3 LED-s connected in parallel.
also you can see why I made inner frame hole bigger.
first of all it was to fit LED-s well between pieces and to hide them in cardboard.
The second piece of frame has the same cutout.

Step 4:

 Now LED-s are fixed in place and we can stick two parts of frame together
and get cardboard frame with hole like bulb in it with LED-s sunk (hidden) inside

Step 5:

 Almost done!
now I stick print of bulb (that I googled before) to match the hole

Step 6: Tadaaaa

 I attached it directly to USB, but DO NOT DO THIS, it is not good for LED-s and computer also.
There are a lot of instuctables for attaching LED-s to USB or other power sources that will help you to lit up this office made cardboard bulb while manager is out.

Thanks for attention