Introduction: Carbon Fibre Stylus

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These styluses use carbon fiber to conduct the electrostatic energy from your fingers to the touch screen. The carbon fiber heat tape is soft and pliable, allowing it to be wrapped around almost anything and it will not scratch your screen.


- Pen

- Large Headed Pin (if planning on using writing end of pen)

- Carbon Fiber heat tape (available from

- Clear Tape

- Super or Fabric Glue

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Custom DIY Carbon Fibre Stylus Turn any pen into a Custom Stylus in minutes, just add Carbon Fibre! Check out the full How-To on Instructables:
Posted by Just4Fun Media on Monday, November 2, 2015

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Step 1: Remove the Ink and Attach the Pin Head

If you are planning to use the writing end of your pen for the stylus tip you will need to remove the ink cartridge (It would be terrible to actually write on your tablet). Then pour glue into the pen, insert the large headed pin, and secure the pin head in place with tape. Drying time will depend on your choice of glue.

Step 2: Wrap in Carbon Fibre

Start by taping one end of the carbon heat tape to the pen, wrap the carbon over the tip of the pen, then continue tightly wrapping the tape around the body and grip of the pen. Once the desired area has been covered, cut the tape and secure the end with glue or tape.

Step 3: Enjoy!