Introduction: Carbon Fiber Touchscreen Gloves

About: DIY carbon heated clothing.

If you have a piece of carbon tape (and now on Amazon) left, you can use it for making great gloves for touch screens. Carbon tape is very soft, it will never scratch your screen. It's an excellent conductor of electricity and ensure reliable operation of your screen.

Step 1:

Pull one thread of carbon tape. Insert it into the needle. Sew carbon thread fingers on gloves.
Carbon fiber like silk. It's so soft that the fingers do not feel it. Carbon fiber will never scratch your screen. Carbon fiber will provide better contact than a simple metallic thread.

Step 2:

It is very thin, very light and has a small electrical resistance.
7,2 Ohms per foot
1,45 gramm per foot

Step 3:

Carbon fiber is composed entirely of carbon. Despite this, it does not burn and does not stain your hands or phone.