Introduction: MK: DIY CarbonKevlar Knife

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Materials: styrofoam, lacquer thinner, vaseline, epoxy, fiberglass, carbonkevlar, epoxy, saw blade, matte black paint.

Tools: japanese saw, P40 sandpaper, latex gloves, angle grinder + cut off & grinding wheel, shop torch, clamps.

Step 1: Mold

Molds can be made from styrofoam or other similar material. I simply cut the rough shape using japanese saw, then smoothed them to shape with P40 sandpaper.

Step 2: Handles

I covered molds with vaseline so they won´t stick to resin. Then I covered them in epoxy and put on one layer of fiberglass, one layer of carbonkevlar and coat of epoxy.

Later, as the resin has hardened, i poured some lacquer thinner on the molds to dissolve them.

After I made sure that all remains of mold are gone, I cut the handles to right thickness using cut off wheel and drill press to maintain flat bottom.

Step 3: Filling

To fill in the cavity in handles I first cut carbon fibers into very fine, almost powder like, pieces. Then I made some epoxy and added carbon fibers making sure that they are well saturated with resin. After thorough mix up I poured the paste into hollow handles.

Step 4: Blade

I cut the rough shape from old saw blade using angle grinder and cut off wheel. Then I used angle grinder with grinding wheel to make required shape.

After the grinding I quenched the blade using shop torch and bucket with water.

Later I spray-painted the blade with matte black paint.

Step 5: Assembly

With all part ready I roughed the surfaces with sandpaper and cleaned them with lacquer thinner for better bond. Then I used epoxy to glue the handles to the blade . I clamped them together using spring clamp, making sure they are in correct position.

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