Introduction: Cardboard Race Car

Our goal is to create a race car that will be pulled by two people and can hold a passenger.

Before we begin making the car we need to buy all of the materials.


- About 15 kg of cardboard (preferably reused card board so that we can help the environment)

-2 cardboard tubes with a 2.5 cm radius (the thicker the better)

-Duct tape


- A brush

-Xacto knife

-Black spray paint

Step 1: Cut All of the Pieces

We will begin by cutting 30 circles with a 15 cm radius and then a small circle in the center with a 2.5 cm radius.

We will also cut 30 rectangles which are 115 cm by 25 cm. After completing this we will cut three circles as shown on the image. The circle will have a 2.5 cm radius.

Step 2: Glue the Pieces Together

You currently have 30 round circles and 30 rectangles, now it is time to glue the pieces that go together.

We will begin with the wheel. Add a layer of glue to one of the circles (if it is easier use the brush to spread the glue) and glue another circle to it. It is important to align the pieces as perfectly as possible and to let it dry before continuing.

You will repeat this process until you finish gluing all of the 30 circles together to complete the wheel.

Once we are finished with the wheel we will move on to the rectangles. For the body of the car we will glue 15 rectangles together and the other 15 together so that by the end we have two big rectangles. You will glue them the same way you glued the wheel, try to align them the best you can.

By the end you should have something very similar to what we have in the image

Step 3: Assemble the Car

Now that we have all of the pieces that we need we will assemble the car.We will be using both cartoon tubes that we previously bought.

First we will put one of the tubes through the hole in the wheel, it should be able to turn (if it doesn't turn make the hole a bit bigger). Now we will put a rectangular piece on each side of the wheel, the tube will go through the hole on the rectangles. The side of the rectangle that we will use is the one that has only one hole.

We should now have our two rectangles and our wheel assembled. Now we only need to add the other tube to the second remaining hole so that the body will stay put together and the passenger can hold on from it.

Step 4: Paint the Car

By now you have finished assembling the car, so we will proceed with painting it. Using the spray paint you bought paint all of the cardboard so that everything is black, you should not be able to see any brown from the cardboard.

Now that you have painted the car let it dry, once it it dry add two strips of duct tape on each end of the rectangle. this will help hold the body together and at the same time contribute to the design.

Step 5: Race Time

The car is finally ready to race, the person riding will sit in the middle and two other people will pull from the holes left on the body.

We have shared a video with you so that you can see how the car should work.

go ahead and put it to the test!!!