Introduction: Card Lighting

Your card sits there all the same.

Why not add some lighting to it to make it seem somewhat different?

Make it more dramatic and cool.

An green stop uno card? No! It's actually a blue one.

Once the light disappears, the show starts;

Once the light reappears, the show stops.

We'll start this simple but cool task for a great showcase with some steps to follow...

Step 1: Supplies

There are some supplies first you must prepare for making it work...

- 1 Arduino Uno

- 1 breadboard of any kind

- 1 USB line (Able to connect to Arduino, normally an android charge cable would do the job)

- 6 LEDs (color of your choice, suggest different colors)

- 7 jumper wires

- 7 resistors ( one blue the others skin color)

- 1 light detector

Step 2: Coding

Code in link below...

Note: If you want to add some more colors to the show, you could switch out the LEDs for a wider color choice.

Or you could add some more "digital write"s to make your show longer

Also change the numbers for the light according to the readings you have.

Step 3: Wire Placement

Exactly like the picture above...

Step 4: Decoration


- Some color square paper ( suggest black ones)

- White papers

- A single card

Then fold the color paper in three halves, putting it in just before the lights to cover up the wires.

Use white paper to cover up the entirety of the breadboard( remember to leave the light detector out, so it could detect light correctly)


Play around with different colors scheme and cards!