Introduction: Card in a Box - First Birthday

Here is a card I made for my daughter's first birthday!

Step 1: Prepare the Base

To start with, Cut the cardstock to the required measurements to make the box card.

Base card - 25.5cm x 15cm

Score at 6cm, 12cm, 18cm and 24cm along the longer side. There would be a 1.5cm flap at the end.

Score at 7cm on the shorter side.

Cut along the score lines until the 7cm mark, and discard the 1.5cm flap from the top portion. From the bottom portion of the 1.5cm flap, cut a little off at an angle.

I missed to take a pic during this step, so here is a pic from the internet that shows how it looks!

Add patterned papers of your choice to the flaps that would be displayed on the front. I've stuck another cs to the back to make it stand straight.

Step 2: The Number 1 - Masking

Now, for the number 1, I started with a normal print out of the number, to use as a stencil. I carefully cut the number, and attached the positive to a circle cut from the cs. I then used scrap papers to mask the image, sponged using distress inks in rainbow colors. Here is a collage of the steps during masking and coloring.

Step 3: The Number 1 - Negative Masking

Once done, I removed the number to get a defined "1" in white space. I wanted to fill it in with 3d snow glitter, and so used the negative stencil. So that's negative masking as well :)

Step 4: The Number 1 - Completed

I gave a black outline to the number, distressed the edges of the circle and attached to another white cs with pink and black washitape background to get the outlined effect. Added a rainbow colored star 3d sticker, a micky and a heart to make it more colorful :)

Step 5: Add Inner Elements

I then went ahead with stamping and coloring lots of balloons using distress inks. They were fussy cut, attached to acetate/cs and added on to the box card. I punched out stars from color papers, added glitter and a rhinestone, and added them too to the card.

Step 6: Happy Birthday!

I've stamped the Happy Birthday sentiment onto white cs, cut in a circle, outlined with blue 3d glitter. Attached this onto a newspaper roll and covered with a quilling strip. Also, added another washitape that features 2 cute little ducks to popup.

Then I wanted to make a banner with my daughter's name, so I fussy cut little triangles and added cute hearts with the letters from her name. Here is a close up!

Step 7: More Embellishments

I added more 3d stickers to make it attractive for my daughter :) Also, heat embossed a few candles and cupcake in gold, colored them and added :)

Step 8: Finish!

I used a floral stamp and repeated it on the outer side to form a background pattern. Finally, used a ribbon to cover the card :)

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