CardBoard Catapult From Old Display Board!

Introduction: CardBoard Catapult From Old Display Board!

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Ever wonder what to do with those old science fair display boards? Why not make something that SHOOTS STUFF? What middle school kid doesn't love that!!

This is not powerful enough to hurt someone, but if it does, DON"T BLAME ME!!

Step 1: Needed

What you need:
-2 small sticks
-1 bigger stick
-Folding display board
Not Shown:
-Big stick (shown in later pic)

Step 2: Cuttting

The Pictures show where to cut!

Use pencil for holes!

Step 3: Elastics

If you are using small elastics, you have to string them together like in the picture. I folded the long strand in 4ths and put the ends through the holes, using the small sticks to hold them.

Step 4: Structure

You are going to have to use a big stick put down the middle of the catapult arm to hold it stiff. use a lot of tape. I only had scotch tape, but I recommend duct tape.

Step 5: Top of Catapult

You need a bucket to hold ammo. fold the sides and tape a scrap to the bottom.

Step 6: Angle Restrictor

This is a fancy term for a stick placed so it won't go to far.

Step 7: Done!

Get some ammo, pull back, and FIRE!!!!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    This is cool, but I would recommend getting a pic of your final product and putting that as your main image so people know what it is.