Cardboard Adirondack Chair

Introduction: Cardboard Adirondack Chair

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My phone had an accident.

What do you do when life gives you little troubles? You put them on a little chair to have a little break.

So I put the poor guy on a comfy chair that is his size, chair on the bed and hopefully it'll get better soon.


What you need to make it:

- cardboard, obviously

- wood glue, ideally - cutter(s)

- in my case I have access to a laser so I used that

- printer to print the design

Step 1: Parts

Initially I was gonna put each part on a separate step but there's no point in dragging it.

You can see the parts and their names in the attached images.

You can use a printer to print the design and paste it on cardboard or laser cut the whole thing in one go.

Step 2: Putting It All Together

For this I'm gonna invite you to look at this ible for the steps:

There's quite a few of them. Follow them patiently and you'll get there.

Step 3: Final Thoughts

After my phone healed (thank God!), I was finally able to put the chair to its intended purpose - a comfy place for my pet potato - as you can see he's resting quite well.

Well, after the photo he jumped on the ground, but until that point he was really happy!

So - rest your phone on it, your potato, heck - make it bigger and let your cat have a go at it - the world is your oyster!

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