Cardboard Bird House



Introduction: Cardboard Bird House

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Make your very own cardboard bird house to put your PomPom Chick inside! Decorate it how you want and have fun learning about birds.


Cardboard (any recycled; cereal box, amazon package, etc),



Pencil crayons/pens,

PomPom Chick.

Step 1: Cut Walls

Use these measurements as a guide. If making bigger or smaller change the ratio accordingly.

Step 2: Decorate Walls

Decorate the walls however you like. Add colourful creatures, flowers, nature or animals.

Step 3: House Assembly

Affix the sides of the box together with tape/glue. Add a flap for the bird to enter the house if you would like.

Step 4: Cut Roof

Use the measurements as a guideline to cut out your roof. Make sure to increase/decrease if you have altered the size of your box.

Step 5: Decorate Roof

Decorate your roof with colourful crayons/pens.

Step 6: Complete

Place your roof on top. You can tape/glue together for extra strength.

Add your Chick PomPom and make even more for increased fun!

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