Introduction: Cardboard Bonsai Tree

Searching for a nice looking gift ?
Never managed to keep your Bonsai trees alive?
I will show you how to make your very own corrugated cardboard Bonsai Tree.
All you need is a big cardboard box, a paper cutting knife and the strength to wield it, some dried flowers and finally some paper glue.

Step 1: Getting Started

Once you have gathered all the stuff you need to craft your tree you should try to think of a shape you might like
and make a sketch of it.
If you are having a hard time thinking of a nice shape , try to google images of Bonsai trees for inspiration ;) .

Step 2: Draw, Cut, Glue.

Now comes the hard part.
I suggest you to construct your tree from bottom to top, drawing and then cutting out cardboard pieces of the desired shape.
The cutting can be VERY hard, if you use strong cardboard.
A trick is to stabilize the cardboard plate on the edge of a table and then "saw" the pieces out.
After finishing a piece, glue it on to the one before and see how your tree grows.
Don´t be upset if your tree isn´t looking glorious right away, the flowers (leaves) will dramatically improve the way it looks.

Step 3: Leaves for Your Cardboard Trunk

Your tree should now look similar to my one in the picture above.
As you see it still doesn´t look very pretty and to change that we will attach some dried flowers!
I used the common hydrangea as leaves since they are durable once dried and easy to attach.
It´s up to you how and where to do so, the cardboard has many holes so it should be easy to glue them onto your trunk.

Step 4: And Done!

You made it!
Now you are the proud owner of a cardboard Bonsai and despite your lack of green thumb it will never wither and die.

The Bonsai tree I made during the guide was not my best work, two other trees I made for my grandparents turned out better.
As you see I placed the trees in a stone basin but feel free to use any kind of sand or earth environment for your tree.

I am German and therefore not a native English speaker, so please help me correcting my faults.

And always remember to KCCO

Keep Calm and Craft On ;)

Step 5: Alternative Decoration: Zen Garden

A miniature Zen gardens is a cool place to put your Bonsai, if you like them.
There is no need to buy one , as making your own is very easy and a lot cheaper.
You will only need a black picture frame, some bird sand and a couple of nice stones!

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