Introduction: Cardboard Box Garbage Can

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E-Commerce waste is a growing issue in the United States.

Why throw your box away, when you can make a very simple and highly functional Garbage Can.

Materials you will need:

* Cardboard Box

* Scissors or Knife

* Trash Bag

* Tape (Optional)

Follow along to make your own!

Step 1: Open Your Box!

Whatever item you may have bought, its time to open it!

The best way to open it is one of the long vertical sides.

Take the contents out, then stand your box vertically.

Step 2: Close the Box Back Up

Take the side you opened and fold it closed.

To do that, put on flap down, take the next flap adjacent to it and fold it on top, continue around till closed.

If you would rather tape it closed, feel free.

Step 3: Cut Open the Top

Take your knife or scissors and cut where the red line is marked.

You're creating the lid to your garbage can.

You want to leave a half inch to inch border (1.2cm to 2.5cm)

Step 4: Open It Up

Now that it has been cut, make sure it opens!

If any part of your box feels loose, feel free to use tape to secure it.

Step 5: Size and Back Slits

Size your garbage bag. Place your bag in and figure out how far back it will stretch.

At the point of its furthest stretch, take a knife and create a cut/slit about an inch deep (2.5cm).

The bag will be fed between this to be anchor points.

Step 6: Place Your Bag

Go ahead and place your bag in the can.

Notice how the bag is fed into the slits you created, this will make sure it has good stretch.

At this point as well, if you would like an easy handle, take a long piece of tape and put it on the edge of the lid so it acts as a flexible handle. This is optional.

Step 7: Close It/ Cosmetics

At this point your garbage can is about complete.

If you would like to make it a little more pretty, feel free to buy spray paint and paint it.

I recommend using an environmentally friendly acrylic based paint. Montana Cans is a great product ( Their products are 100% free of heavy metals and comply with the latest safety regulations. Their cans are recyclable as well.

Step 8: Use It!

Use your amazing new garbage can!

It is a very sustainable and efficient alternative.


Step 9: