Cardboard Box Lamp

Introduction: Cardboard Box Lamp


I'm Vanbrabant Kenny and I am a student of the high school howest derection
Industreel product design (IPO) and for one of our projects we had a cardboard
Box, or from corrugated cardboard.
with new modern technology into a product that permanent / long can innovate and get off the gadget atmosphere.

An important criterion: we had a "logical link" retain the original functionality of the box (atmosphere, context ...) and you have more or less recognizable in the original box.
Here I used a cardboard box where there is A4 paper in order to bring this to the bedside lamp / reading lamp

Step 1: What Do You Need

What you need: Material

1 cardboard box of A4 paper
Glue which: can be a glue gun or superglue
1 electricity cable
1 lamp of 55 Watt with E27 base
1 to switch off
1 plug
1 a fitting

What you need: tools

1 glue gun
1 scissors
1 screwdriver
1 Stanley knife
one rod

Step 2: Enable Guide

In the first step, you draw two six corners piece of paper one large with a flat meadow 8.5 cm and one small with a flat meadow 5.5 cm after cutting you put the paper in the carton as a reference for you right before you shell taking care that the bottom point and the top point of the two corners at the end of the carton is located

Step 3: Glue

If you already you draw yours casing cutting you from the outer mold lines and go with your utility knife lightly over the drawn reference lines so that the folds of the hood easier to go when you get there it finished coat the two ends nicely together into one whole ATTENTION to make it beautiful, it is best that you use the inside of the box and outside of the lamp

Step 4: Remove Excess

When you have the outer shape we are going to play where the light comes out from slicing that we do by taking the lower surface where the bulb to rest and to close up by pulling with two guidelines this is also done with the above side but you use the right which is the lowest level of reverence and then you cut the cardboard away

Step 5: Finishing Cap

In this step we will look to put the lid on the hood this is done by the smallest six corner we have drawn on paper now draw on the cardboard and cut out when things are right near the sixth corner beautiful surface off the hood

Step 6: Footrest

To put the cap lamp nice right we need a footrest which there draw immediately the correct dimensions on the board as indicated then you cut the piece comes out with a cutter where you switch and glue you all together again like that done is take you again breekmas and you cut off the top of the feeding support a 60 ° angle away such as the two pieces to sit together come that all beautiful one completely then is you cut a small piece of cardboard off the bottom such that the electrical cable that can run through

Step 7: Electricity

To start, take the tip of the electricity chapel and confirm you in the fitting where your light will come once that happens you make a hole in the shade where the wire passes through this hole course in the center and about 15 cm of soil then stab you mount the switch between the electrical wire make sure you will have 10 cm cable from the hood to the beginning of the switch box, and then you just need to plug

Then you cross stabbing the switch in the footrest To mount the switch firmly slide the connector through the foot and gently puff switch in the pre-made hole

Step 8: Assembly / Finish

For the assembly, you now just get the cover on the footrest slices through the glue pies tool if done leaves you dry everything well and test you once the lamp or he works as a finish, you can use fine grade sandpaper to sand off the adhesive residue and you can still snoods lamp you bring color

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