Introduction: Cardboard Box Pulse Monitor

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This is a simple step by step process of creating a nice pulse monitor by reusing cardboard boxes that you would otherwise throwaway. I reused an ice cream box to make this.

This is a demonstration on how the reusable items can be put to better use and reduce the trash around us indirectly helping the environment.

Hardware used:·

o Micro controller atmega328p processor

o Arduino Uno Board

o Pulse Rate Sensor Module

Software used:

o Microcontroller Programming

o Network programming

Node js

  • Include Libraries \ npm install
  • express
  • ws

o Presentation layer

  • HTML, Javascript \JQuery

Step 1: Make Power\Data Slots on the Box

Create a circuitry for pulse monitor using Arduino. You can refer to a wonderful Instructable by callmeappytechie @

Measure the sizes of the power & data slots for the Arduino and cut holes approximately on the lower end of he box at a corner as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Fitting the Arduino

Use a double sided tape and fit the Arduino board in the corner of the box where we have made holes for the power \ data slots.

Step 3: Placing the Pulse Sensor

Make a small slits on the lid of the cardboard and pull the pulse sensor and led wires through it and attach them using the double-sided tape as shown.

Step 4: Test the Circuit

Before sealing the box, make sure the device is tested and the placement of the pulse sensor is adjusted for ease of use for the user.