Cardboard Box Secret Compartment/Fake Bottom.

Introduction: Cardboard Box Secret Compartment/Fake Bottom.

Do have girlfriend/boyfriend/parents/roommate who wants to know your every secret and treats your privacy like Germany treated Poland ?
If that is the case then, this is just the right stuff for you : this thing will hide your secret items !
Just by making a fake bottom, you can easily fool them that there's nothing suspicious in there
It's very simple and super effective !

I use it to hide all my expensive electronic items and components, because if the parents found out how much money I spent on them, next time you see me, will be in the obituary...

Alrighty then, lets begin !

Step 1: The Materials :

Some easily available items :

Brown Tape
Brown Paper
Cardboard Sheet / Hard Paper Sheet (I'm using hard paper)
Marker Pen
Cardboard Box

Step 2: The Fake Bottom Illusion : the Partition

Since I already started the project and then I remembered to make an Instructable of this so that I can be a little help to the society (at least for once), I cannot provide you with the step by step pictures of this part, and I'm really sorry for that. But this shouldn't be tough for you because it's just like wrapping a gift !

  1. First, trace the bottom of the Cardboard Box on the Hard Paper Sheet using the maker pen and cut out the piece of sheet (lol)
  2. Then cut out a rectangular or square size brown paper that is 5 centimeters bigger in all sides than the Hard Paper Sheet you cut out.
  3. After that, cut out the corners in square shape, just like in the picture.
  4. And then carefully glue the hard paper to the brown paper perfectly, just as shown in the picture.

If you're using Cardboard paper, then you can also use that instead of Hard Paper. Brown paper goes with the disguise (Brown bag and Brown Cardboard box) so that's why I used it.

Step 3: The Fake Bottom Illusion : Partitioning

Close the Realbottom of the Cardboard.
Put the Books in.
Note : Don't seal the real bottom right now, as you are going to take out the books later.
The Books are mainly for the 'Height' of the partition. It'll support the Partition until the glue dries.

If you need more space in your secret compartment, add more books.

Also remember not to add too much height to your secret compartment, as it can increase the level of suspicion among the people.

Because it will look like as if glass is full but weighs like an empty glass if the the secret compartment is empty, or heavier than a full glass if you have really heavy items in the secret compartment. In other words, box will be heavier than it looks.

Now, put the partition in the cardboard box as shown.

Step 4: The Fake Bottom Illusion : Attaching the Partition.

Picture 1 : Glue the extra 5 centimeter that you cut earlier to the inner walls of the cardboard.
Picture 2 : If there is any bumps or any part sticking out, just glue and press them against the inner wall.
Picture 3 : Add more glue (tons of it) in the bottom side to make it stronger.

Remember : Don't flip the box with the books in it, just lift up the box and the books will fall down. If you flip it, the books will tear the brown paper and fall.
Warning : You might end up making a mess as the glue will fall between the gaps of the brown paper and the walls, So be careful about that. You can use thicker glue if you find one.

Picture 4 : Finally, it should look something like this.
Optional :
With a marker pen, draw the real bottom on the fake bottom, if you want to add some camouflage.

After that, seal the bottom with Brown Tape (after putting your items in of course). You can also put tape on brown paper that is attached to the walls of the cardboard box, to increase its strength.

Step 5: Impact/Sound Proofing (optional) :

What if you put two metallic objects inside and it makes a clanking noise in the secret compartment ?

People will shake the box hard and they will also find that something is hitting the walls, even it is a non-clanking item. People will hear the noise and you will be uncovered for sure.

I've also got that covered.
Use any soft layering like Sponge, Cotton etc.
I've used cotton, Polystyrene and foam but you can use Sponge or anything soft.
Fat soft sponge will be best as it will totally eliminate the wall hitting noise.

If you want more security, make top and bottom with all the four sides impact proof.
Just glue sponge to the sides. I couldn't find sponge so I had to use cotton.

Pro tip : If you have two metal items, then cover them in some sort of plastic bag or bubble wrap.

Step 6: Final Words :

Have fun making it and I hope you do it for a "good cause".

Tips :
Just make sure that the thing you're hiding should be less heavier than the things in view. Because people with sharp observation may notice the weight of the items above and will get suspicious. Like if you see the top part filled with cotton and feathers, and when you lift it up, it weighs more than a ton, won't you be like "What is this sorcery ?!"

Also try covering the entire top, like after making the fake bottom, fill up the entire top layer so they can't see the division of the fake bottom.

Try to use bigger box or the box you think is not commonly seen/touched by anyone.

Final Important Message to you all

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    5 years ago

    Excellent idea and entertaining write-up. "treats your privacy like Germany treated Poland". I like that.