Cardboard Box Transformation Shoe-box Photo Frame



Introduction: Cardboard Box Transformation Shoe-box Photo Frame

Hi Hi,

My name is Cindy Trilsbeek, this is my idea to up-cycle a shoe-box to a photo frame. Nowadays people can take pictures of everything, thanks to the camera on every smartphone. So that gives me a reason to combine this trend in an up-cycle project. How cool would it be if I wasn’t the only one who combined this trend, my idea is to make a whole concept of it. So we got a shoe-box, this shoe-box protect your shoes the whole trip. When you unbox the shoe-box you’ll be surprised because of the frame with the same pattern as your shoes is on the inside bottom of the box. Also you’ll find out that there is an instructable inside of the box and now you gonna found it out!

Step 1: Open Your Shoe-box

Photo 1; Your shoe-box.

Photo 2; Open it.

Photo 3; See your new shoes, and the photo frame.

Photo 4; Take your shoes out of the box.

Photo 5; Your photo frame in process, let's start!

Step 2: Unfold the Shoe-box

Photo 1; Instructable A right side.

Photo 1; Unfold the shoe-box.

Photo 2; Flat shoe-box.

Photo 3; Detail, instructable.

Photo 4; Detail, instructable.

Photo 5; Flat shoe-box.

Step 3:

Photo 1; Rip the lines of the shoe-box (they make easy cardboard rip lines; -_-_-_-_-_- so you can easy tear it).

Photo 2; Parts of the shoe-box.

Photo 3; You need the cover of the shoe-box and the bottom (with the photo frame).

Photo 4; Push the frame size that you want out; with passe partout = 10 x 15 only the frame = 30 x 20.

Photo 5; Take the passe partout out.

Photo 6; Cover shoe-box, photo frame and your own picture with your new shoes!

Step 4: Place the Photo in Photo Frame Cover

Photo 1; Place the photo in the cover.

Photo 2; Place the photo in the middle.

Photo 3; Place the photo frame in the cover

Photo 4; Push the photo frame til it stuck.

Photo 5; Check if the photo frame stuck in the cover.

Photo 6; Your photo frame! You don't need glue, because the bottom of the shoe-box always fits in the cover!

Also handful to replace the picture and use it again.

Step 5: Making the Holder

Photo 1; Instructable B.

Photo 2; Your left overs, one instructable B and the left side with the holder (the part with lines and cardboard rip lines).

Photo 3; Clear photo.

Photo 4; Rip the unusable pieces.

Photo 5; The unusable pieces.

Photo 6; Fold all the lines.

Photo 7; Fold all the lines.

Photo 8; Push the cardboard in the opposite way.

Photo 9; Fold it together.

Photo 10; Fold it together.

Photo 11; Fold it together.

Photo 12; Fold it together.

Photo 13; Your photo holder.

Photo 14; Your photo holder.

Photo 15; Your photo holder can open and close.

Step 6: Fit the Photo Frame in the Holder

Photo 1; Open the holder with one hand, fit the photo frame in it.

Photo 2; Detail photo frame and holder.

Photo 3; The end result!

Step 7: If You Want to Do It on Your Own

For the last part I made some pictures, for when you want to up-cycle your own shoe-box into an photo frame.

Just use a scissor or cutter knife instead of the cardboard rip lines.

Thank you!

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