Introduction: Cardboard Box Wall-E With LED

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Hello this is a simple Instructable on how to make your own Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class robot or Wall-E for short, hope you enjoy making our curious friend!

Step 1: Materials

Large strong cardboard pieces.

String or something similar.

Hot glue gun + glue.

Led strip (can be bought online).



Hole puncher.


Teensy bit of metal wire.

Step 2: Tying the Structures Together

What you can do first is get the measurements you'd like. I cut five squares about a foot and half in length for the body and a sixth the same size but later cut in half for the box opening (you can do smaller or larger). To get them together i punched a hole twice on each edge and wrapped a string through it three times before tying it to make sure it was stable. As for the "doors" i did the same thing but also included a bit of wire as hinges (i did this to make it easier to open and close)

Step 3: Rollers

i first looked at Wall-e and cut out a tread system similar to his and used different cylindrical pieces for the treads to be wrapped around, for the large back one i had to cut a larger circle and cut two rectangles and cross them together before gluing everything together as you see in the pictures.

Step 4: Treads

For the treads you cut out one by two inch rectangles and punch a hole in each of the corners so you can string and tie them together. You will need a lot of them so be ready for some sore hands from all the cutting and tying. In order to know how many you will need the measure the circumference of the tread roller plate.

Step 5: Doors

As seen in the photo i made three hinges with metal wire hinges (any kind will do, paper clips included). In order to keep the door closed i glued a few pieces of cardboard together and knotted a string through a hole on the other door to wrap around and keep it "locked".

Step 6: Neck and Head

OMG do the eyes glow!!?!? Yes they do! For this get those cardboard cylinders (paper towel rolls/toilet paper rolls) cut some slots into them and fit them on together and glue some styrofoam to the body and glue the neck to the two pieces of styrofoam. As for the head, cut out the shape you want and cut a circle and a hole through both pieces of cardboard and glue them together. Once you have the two eyes, go ahead and glue them to some tubes which in turn are glued to a box.

Step 7: Lights

As for the absolutely awesome glow, i bought a cheap led strip that i attached to a nine volt battery and slid it into the little gap behind the eyes.

Step 8: Arms

Arms can be a bit difficult. First of all make sure the arms are not too heavy and second be careful while hot gluing the arms to the styrofoam (it may melt) other than that, it is pretty straightforward, find a length you feel comfortable making cut it out and glue it up. For the hands just make some nice little pincers maybe even use a plastic container instead.

Step 9: Last Step

Always remember to have fun and change up whatever you think will make it look better, the stars are the limit.

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