Introduction: Cardboard "Brick" House for Small Pets

This cute little house is not only very easy to make, but the method is very versatile, allowing you to make all sorts of different versions of it! The extra thickness also makes it more durable against little nibbling teeth.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You Will Need:
- Scissors
- Corrugated Cardboard (The thicker type)
- Un-Corrugated Cardboard (Like the types they use for cereal boxes)
- Flour
- Water
- A Bowl
- A Stirring Utensil of Sorts
- a Sponge Paintbrush (Optional

Step 2: Mix the "Mortar"

There aren't really any exact measurements for this. Just keep mixing flour and water until you have a thick paste, about the consistency of pancake batter. If this toy isn't for a pet, you could use Modge Podge instead, but this flour mixture is safe for little teeth to nibble on.

Step 3: Cut the "Bricks"

From the corrugated cardboard, start to cut the bricks. Once again, no measurements here! It's really up to you. I, personally, made each brick about 1 inch by 1/2 inch. You cut these out with the scissors. How many you need depends on the size of the house you're making, but if you need more you can always go back and cut more out!

Step 4: Create a Foundation

From the Un-corrugated cardboard, cut out a piece in the shape and size you want the house to be. If you don't want a floor, don't worry! You can cut out the extra next step.

Step 5: Lay Down the First Layer

Using your finger, or a sponge paintbrush, apply some of the paste mixture to the bottom of the bricks then place them around the edge of the foundation. Make sure to leave a hole for the door!

Step 6: Remove Floor, If Desired.

Using your scissors, cut into your little foundation and snip out the parts not covered by the first payer of bricks. This is completely optional.

Step 7: Continue Adding Layers

Use the process detailed in step 5 to continue adding layers, avoiding your door hole as you go. Feel free to cut bricks as needed.

Step 8: Make the Threshold

Once you've made enough layers to get the door to its desired height, take some more corrugated cardboard and cut a large enough piece to go over the doorway. Add more bricks around it as normal. Then, add more normal layers on top of that.

Step 9: Make the Roof

Once your house is at a desirable height, cut out another piece of corrugated cardboard the same size as the house's floor. Use the paste to apply it to the top of the house. Continue cutting smaller and smaller rectangles and apply them too, like a step pyramid. Keep making more layers to the roof until you like how it looks.

Step 10: Finished!!!

And there you go! Your very own little cardboard house! This project can be scaled up or down to suit mice, rats, hamsters, or most any other rodent.

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