Introduction: Cardboard Cap

Basically, I have made this stylish cap using cardboard and sheets for decoration. This is very simple and nice. you can make it with very cheap material. It looks pretty cool. If you love being creative and wanna look good, then you are in the right place

Step 1: Material Required

1) Waste cardboard sheets

2)Coloured sheets

3) Glue gun sticks

4) Glue gun

5) Tape

!!!!!ONLY THIS MUCH!!!!!

Step 2: Draw the Outline

Firstly you need to draw the same thing like in the above image.

Step 3: Cut It Out

now cut 6 pieces of the same shape and size. now curve it a bit so that it is helpful for the next few steps

Step 4: Join All the Six Pieces

Now take all the six pieces using tape or glue gun. Join both the ends to make it look like a crown

Step 5: Turning and Joining

Now curve all the pieces and bent all the pieces towards the centre, Now cut a circle and put it on the joint.

Now to make a flap in front you just need to draw a flap and stick it on the bottom side of the front side.

Step 6: Designing

Now using the coloured sheets decorate it. You can make a label of your favourite letter and stick it in the front.

It would look very good nice if you use different coloured sheets.

Step 7: Ready


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