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This whole idea started out as a project for school. We had to do a recycling project were we only used recycled materials - we could use materials we already owned or were being thrown.  We couldn't purchase anything. So I started to gather up cardboard from any place I could find it. I got some from Hobby Lobby and others from dumpsters. They had to be thick so they would hold their shape. I cut the first piece of cardboard to the size I wanted the table to be. Then I cut other pieces to go on top. I glued the different layers together until the table was thick. I ended up with this giant slab of cardboard, but no legs. At first I was going to use soda cans and build up pillars, but they weren't going to be stable enough. My dad and I then built a base out of old wood to serve as the legs and the table support. The table was complete, but it was bland. So to make it look better I glued old playing cards on top in a pattern.  To make it waterproof,  I put some contact paper that my mom had over the top. I ended up getting a one hundred on the project. The table is now in my game room. Thanks for viewing, and please vote for me for the Green Living & Technology Challenge.

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