Introduction: Cardboard Cart

In this instructable you will learn how to undertake the building of a cardboard cart.


1. Cardboard (60 sheets of 107x75cm)

2. Regular Glue (1L)

3. Hacksaw

4. Cutter

5. Access to a laser cutter

6. Tape measure

7. Computer

8. Cardboard tube

9. Pen, pencil.

10. Spray paint (optional)

11. Sharpie (optional)

Step 1: Design

You have to follow the K.I.S.S principle throughout your process, in this first step you will develop several designs, at least 3 of what your car is going to look like, preferably do it in a way that you can reuse material, for example tires, try and make you designs with the same tire size so it can modular.

The car should fit and withstand the weight of a full grown person.

Recommended software: Solid works

Step 2: Prototyping

Once you finished your designs it's time to build them at scale to try and identify possible design flaws, weaknesses and points to reinforce this way you'll identify issues before you get to build the full scale model of your cart.

Step 3: Cutting and Arranging

After identifying possible issues or design flaws it's time to cut your two best prototypes, this is to ensure one of the two will be a successful build.

Things to pay attention to!:

Always arrange the different pieces of your design in a way that you use the cardboard available as efficiently as possible to save material and make for a faster process (imagine changing the cardboard sheet from the laser cutter for each individual piece).

Adjust the power and speed of the laser cutter that fits the width of your cardboard.

Once cuts are donde ensure that the are symmetrical to the last cut you performed to ensure the laser cutter is working properly.

Step 4: Assembly

After cutting the cardboard the only step remaining is glueing and assembling the pieces together.


1. Always disperse the glue over a large area, you don't want pools of glue other wise it won't be as effective.

2. Apply pressure to pieces after being glued for at least 30 seconds or they will fall out of alligment when you glue the next piece on top.

3. Ensure that the axle is fixed to the body of the cart, this is to prevent the axle from spinning together with the tires when the car is being pushed.

4. Add duct tape to areas you want to reinforce depending on your design to prevent failure and to the rims of the tires to give them strength.

Step 5: Decorate (optional)

Add the finishing touches to your cart to make it your own and enjoy the race!